33″ Door 2-Drawer Combo

Double Access Doors

17″ Single Access Door – Vertical

27″ Single Access Door-Horizontal

17″ Paper Towel 2-Drawer Combo

17″ Triple Storage Drawers

17″ Double Storage Drawers

17″ Single Storage Drawer

13″ Double Storage Drawers

26″ Single Utensil Drawer

20″ Trash Drawer

Trash Chute

In any kitchen, storage is a must, and your outdoor kitchen is no exception. The bottom line is that it takes a variety of pots, pans, dishes and utensils to prepare and enjoy any meal, and if you want to avoid having to run back inside to grab something over and over again, then you need to have the right storage solutions in your outdoor kitchen. Luckily, Delsol has a variety of high-quality, outdoor kitchen doors and drawers to choose from, and at Golden West Outdoor Living, we offer a full line of Delsol products.

Delsol offers many different access drawers and doors, including a variety of shapes and sizes, and storage solutions for every need. Within our wide selection of Delsol products, you’ll find vertical and horizontal drawers, single, double and even triple storage drawers, trash drawers, trash chutes, utensil drawers, drawer combos and so much more. And, ever Delsol storage solution is designed with a sophisticated, modern look that you’ll love.

No outdoor kitchen is complete without the right storage solutions, and at Golden West Outdoor Living, we’re confident that we have the right solutions for your needs. Shop our outdoor kitchen doors and drawers online now, and feel free to stop by our showroom in Edmonton or contact us if you would like more information.

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